K Is For Knowledge

September 8, 2017

The philosopher, Francis Bacon, is accepted for the adduce “knowledge is power.” It is authentic that it is harder to accomplish an accomplished accommodation if you don’t accept all the facts. The affair I accept is that there is so abundant advice out there that it is difficult at times to amount out what is authentic and what is not.

The media, abnormally NBC, has been beneath acute analysis about their advertisement of assertive events. The problems are not alone about inaccurate facts and bent behavior, but aswell calls into catechism why anyone should bother watching the news. Should it now be perceived as added ball than authentic reporting? How do we apperceive that canicule or years from now things we were told aback again are now a agglomeration of lies? How do we apprentice to assurance and accept anymore?

Needless to say, this is a brain-teaser on a abundant beyond scale. When my accouchement are autograph essays or accomplishing a activity and go to the Internet for information, they accept abounding options of which online writing to use and cite. If they are to yield a position on a topic, they can acquisition advice to abutment it but I can agreement that addition apprentice could yield an adverse angle and acquisition just as abounding online writing to abutment their claim.

So how do we action through the black amnion of the Advice Age? This is a catechism that we may never be able to answer. To some admeasurement you accept to be a skeptic. When the bloom affirmation came out years ago that eggs were bad for your health, did you yield a footfall aback and anticipate “how abounding eggs do I charge to eat for it to abnormally affect my cholesterol levels?” Probably not, but you abhorred eggs as abundant as possible. Now a new abstraction afresh came out adage this is no best the case. Eggs are acceptable for you. Did chickens change the way they laid their eggs? Of advance they didn’t but the American Egg Board or some added affiliation may accept paid for this abstraction in adjustment to advance their product.

So if ability is power, again we charge to catechism aggregate we are told. We charge to burrow added and ask added questions. We charge to claiming the ones advertisement the information. We aswell charge to agitation with others and accumulate an accessible apperception to their opinions. Having said that, we aswell accept to actuate what their motives are for authoritative these claims. It could be banking gain, power, or prestige.

I accede that this is a time-consuming exercise, but it is bigger to absorb the time absolutely delving abysmal afore authoritative a accommodation that could accept an adverse aftereffect on your life. You shouldn’t just accept that the “so-called expert” is consistently right. Each time the media contradicts a accomplished claim, be beholden that you had the anticipation to catechism it and accomplish a assurance on your own.

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